About Blogger To Boss

Blogger to Boss is the only freelance writing course which was created by a writer and a client, to ensure that you get a full 360 view of the industry and how to succeed in it! 

The course is the brainchild of Codie and Bex, two writers from opposite ends of the country who have been working together for over three years, and are pretty bloody good at it by now. 

Between us, we have over a decade of experience in the freelance writing industry, and now we’re combining our knowledge to share with you. 

The idea for Blogger To Boss came when we were looking for new freelance writers to expand our teams and we realised that the blogging community was the perfect place to look. However, by the time we received a few hundred pitches, we also realised there was a real gap in the market. Bloggers have a real passion for writing, but not everyone knows how to get into the freelancing industry, how to pitch, and even what to charge!

You bloggers are a really impressive talent pool and it makes sense for you to turn your epic talents into real money-making opportunities; not just waiting for the next underpaid guest post. The purpose of Blogger To Boss is to help you build your brand and career as freelance writers. 

Whether you’re hoping to create a little side hustle, save some extra pennies for a family holiday, or build an entire content empire, our courses are designed to help you get there!

About Codie

Codie has seen it all when it comes to freelance writing. Not content with bossing it as a digital marketing superhero for a firm in Manchester, Codie would spend her train journeys, evenings, weekends, and every other spare moment freelance writing for a range of different clients. In fact, Codie has managed to juggle several full-time jobs alongside her freelance writing, but she wasn’t content to stop there. Oh, no! She recently welcomed little Roo (Ruben) into the world, and now juggles her freelancing with bringing up a new (and beautiful) baby. If you want to learn how to freelance write one-handed, then this is your gal! Covering a range of topics from lifestyle to travel, and even Bitcoin, Codie can not just juggle work and life, but she can also juggle pretty much any topic thrown her way. Her dream is to travel the world with her husband Steven, baby Roo, and fund it all through her passion for writing. She also runs her own blog where she talks candidly about her life (warts and all) over at CodieKinz.co.uk 

About Bex

Bex started her freelance writing journey from home after being diagnosed with agoraphobia, nearly eight years ago now. Being unable to leave the house meant that she had to look at alternative ways of bringing home the bacon, which led her down a career path she thought would only ever be a passion – writing. Since then, she has set up Gee Gee Media, a content agency with a specialist niche in the online magazine world. This has since grown into an international business, with 7 in-house staff and several freelancers, plus several more on the way! Bex brings a unique perspective to the course by being a client herself, having hired dozens of freelance writers in her time. With a background in sales and recruitment before freelance writing, she knows how to pitch and win! So much so, in fact, that Bex has had to take a step back from the running of course, as her business has recently exploded exponentially! That said, she has already poured her knowledge into the course, so you won’t be missing out!