All Our Other Services

Codie and Bex will be providing a host of other services for those on the Blogger To Boss courses (both the 5-day and 30-day courses). These will include:

One-To-One Coaching

Well, technically Two-To-One! Book in some alone time via Google Hangouts with Bex and Codie to go through the finer details of your freelancing journey. These will be 45-minute slots with very limited availability. You can use the booking tool below to get booked in!

Rate My Portfolio/Presence

Want someone to go through your portfolio, work with me page, or freelancing website? We’ll go through with a fine-tooth comb and let you know what’s amazing and what needs refining to help you build you presence and win those clients! Head here to get yours for just £20 (limited number available).

Rate my pitch!

We’ll send you three ‘fake jobs’ based on the kind of work you want to be winning. It’s then down to you to come up with three incredible pitches and we’ll provide a whole host of feedback (from a client perspective). This will help you pitch and win! Limited numbers available here. 

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