Rate Me Bundle!

Save £10 by buying a bundle!

Receive both the Rate My Presence and Rate My Pitch services at a discounted price, by buying both together! This is perfect for those who want to ensure they’re doing everything they possibly can to bring in the business (and the big bucks!)

What you’ll get

Rate My Presence: Bex and Codie will go through your freelancing presence, including any portfolio, freelancing job board profiles, ‘Work With Me’ pages, and wherever else you’re trying to sell your services. We will then provide actionable tips and advice to help improve your presence!

Rate My Pitch: We’ll send you three ‘fake jobs’ for you to pitch to. Send us back the pitches and we’ll rate them, including plenty of tips and advice as to what could be improved (if anything).

How it works

Once you have purchased, we’ll send you an email to learn more about you, what kind of jobs you’re looking for, and where you’re advertising your services. We’ll then send through the ‘fake jobs’ based on your specialities, so that you can send us your pretend pitches! While you’re working on that, we’ll be going through your presence and writing up a detailed report on what’s good and what could be improved. You’ll receive this back within 3-5 working days.

Only £50.00