How it works

Our Ultimate Blogger To Boss 30-Day Course works in a similar way to our free 5-day course only with a lot (lot, lot, lot) more content. You’ll be granted access to a private Facebook group which will be limited in numbers, to ensure we’re able to give a more personalised experience to all of our members. However, this is far more in-depth than our 5-day course as we teach you everything we have learned on our own freelance writing journeys (and more). This is not just stuff you’d find in a blog post; we’ve gone into the real nitty gritty of pitching, pricing, and even how to look after yourself as a freelancer. What makes this course unique is that it is from two perspectives: One, a freelance writer who has juggled full-time work, being a new mum, and freelancing all in one go. Two, someone who was a freelance writer and who now owns an international content agency that hires freelancers. You get the client and the freelance perspective – where else can you find that?!

What will i learn?

Over the next four and a bit weeks, you’ll be provided with 20 videos, plus plenty of reading materials and worksheets that we have lovingly made specifically for this course. We’ll also share up to the minute jobs we think will be relevant, news, and so much more every day. On top of this, Bex and Codie will go live once a week to answer any questions you may have meaning you get an almost one-to-one experience with them both. As we keep our groups fairly small, there won’t be thousands of people all trying to ask questions at once. This means we can all learn and bounce ideas off each other. We have absolutely packed the 30-day course with vital lessons for your freelancing journey, including: 

  • Week 1: Presence and Portfolio – This includes how to build up your portfolio, how to create an online presence, where to find job roles online, how to network online (including a linkedin masterclass) and so much more!
  • Week 2: Pricing – This includes how to work out your pricing structure, how to set your own rates, working out industry averages, charging for extra services, and basically everything that most freelancers like to keep hush hush (not us)!
  • Week 3: Pitching – This includes the psychology of pitching, how to create the perfect pitch, the good, the bad, and the ugly of pitches, and even how to communicate with difficult clients.
  • Week 4: Everything you need to know about being freelance – this includes how to do your own books (with templates and examples), registering as self-employed, what you can claim as expenses (maybe more than you think), and how to look after yourself as a freelancer which is so often forgotten… 

Once the 30 days are over, you’ll be invited to our Blogger To Boss community where we will continue the fun. Here we’ll share our wins and woes in the freelancing world, rant about that imposter syndrome (eugh), celebrate those big contracts and happy clients, share jobs we find, and generally build an incredible community full of freelance writers – AKA Bosses! 

Want to be our first?

We will be opening our doors for the first Ultimate Blogger To Boss 30-Day Course very, very soon. Those on our presale list (which you can sign up for below) will be the first to know when spaces go on sale – and the first to know about any cheeky discounts we may have for you too (wink). We’ll also let you know when our free 5-day course goes live, which we thoroughly recommend taking before joining our Ultimate Course. We can’t wait to see you there!